Secured Taxes

General Information
Property taxes are collected by the County, but governed by California state law. Secured (real) property taxes are an ad-valorem (value based) property tax that is the liability of the person or entity assessed for the tax. 

There are several types of secured property tax assessments in addition to the annual property tax including: supplemental, corrected, additional and escaped and pro-rated taxes on real property that has changed ownership prior to issuance of the tax bill, and taxes for manufactured housing (mobile homes). 

Annual Secured Tax Bills
All real property is assessed annually, based on each property's status as of the lien date, January 1, of that year. The annual tax bill covers the fiscal year, which begins July 1st of that year, and ends June 30th of the next year.

Annual secured property tax bills are mailed only once each year by November 1st. Please remember annual property taxes are due and delinquent the same dates every year. You may pay the total tax as shown on the tax bill without penalty on or before December 10 or pay in two equal installments. If you elect to pay in two installments, the first installment must be paid on or before December 10 to avoid penalties and the second installment must be paid on or before April 10 to avoid penalties. Please Note: A Reminder Notice or Bill will Not Be Sent Out for the Second Installment Payment.

Information copies of annual secured property tax bills are mailed at the same time to property owners that have an impound account with their mortgage company. Mortgage companies typically pay in two installments. Sacramento County has designed the Owner's Information Copy to include payment stubs for the convenience of homeowners that have paid their mortgage in full or refinanced their property during the tax year and are now responsible for payment of their annual property tax bill. If you have recently become responsible for payment of your property taxes, please use the payment stubs provided on the Owner's Information Copy when paying your tax bill. A new tax bill or a reminder notice is not mailed for the second installment. 

If December 10 or April 10, falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, you have until the next business day to remit your payment. Tax bills unpaid by the due date are subject to a delinquent penalty of 10 percent and a $15.00 cost. Taxes unpaid after June 30th become prior year delinquencies and are considered to be "defaulted." Failure to receive a tax bill is not justification to cancel any of the delinquent penalties, costs, or interest penalties that may accrue. If a property owner does not receive a tax bill, they should request a duplicate tax bill. 

Some property tax bills carry direct levies or special assessments that are bonded debt and subject these properties to accelerated judicial foreclosure by the district that placed the assessment on the tax bill. When a tax bill that includes a foreclosable assessment is unpaid on the last business day of June, the assessment may be removed from the tax bill and returned to the district for collection. The tax portion of the tax bill remains defaulted and accrues redemption fees and penalties. 

Automated Secured Property Information Telephone Line
Available 24 Hours a day / 7 days a week (916) 874-6622

When calling the Tax Collector's Office, your call is answered by our automated information system. Using your touch tone telephone, select option "1" and enter the 14 digit parcel number located at the top left hand corner of your tax bill. You will be able to obtain tax information about current and prior year tax amounts due, the due dates for payment to avoid penalty, or the dates that your taxes were paid.

By selecting option "2", you can hear information regarding the direct levies included on your secured annual property tax bill. 

By selecting option "3", you can obtain information about our office hours and location, and hear general information about the annual, supplemental and addenda, and prior year tax process,

If you need personal assistance, our tax specialists may be reached during regular business hours by selecting option "0" at various points during the automated process. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our phone hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Telephone lines are extremely busy following the mailing of tax bills and delinquency notices, as well as right before the annual tax bill first and second installment deadline dates of December 10 and April 10. If you have just received a tax bill or a delinquency notice, please continue to call our system or leave a voice mail message. You can also come to the Tax Collector's Office at 700 H Street, Room 1710, Sacramento, CA 95814 if you need assistance. 

Current year and prior year unpaid tax bills can be paid using your credit card or by e-check. Two separate links are provided to you, 1) to pay by e-check and 2) to pay by credit card. Please go to the FAQ - How can I pay my tax bill? for more information.  

e-PropTax, Sacramento County's Online Property Tax Information system
e-PropTax is Sacramento County's Online Property Tax Information. If you do not have a property tax bill and/or do not know your 14 digit PARCEL NUMBER, you may obtain it by entering the address at the Assessor's Office Parcel Viewer or by calling the Tax Collector's Office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays at (916) 874-6622, during regular business hours. 

Based on the parcel number entered, e-PropTax​ provides:

  1. The most recent secured annual property tax bill and any tax bill(s) issued and/or due in the most recent fiscal tax year.
  2. Payment stubs (coupons) for current year unpaid secured property tax bill installments.
  3. Direct levies and special assessments subject to foreclosure with description, amount and a link to contact information.
  4. A link to our vendor to make on-line credit card and e-check payments on current year secured property tax bills, unsecured tax bills for real
  5. property, and redemption (prior year taxes).
  6. If prior year delinquent taxes are unpaid, a warning message and link for more detail will appear.

Due to privacy concerns, no owner or address information is provided. Property tax information is not available Sundays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. due to system maintenance.

The information transmitted is provided only for the convenience of the user. While the County strives to make the information as timely and complete as possible, no representation or warranty is made that the information contained in this website reflects the most accurate current information. The County assumes no responsibility for errors, incomplete or out-of-date information. 

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