Payment Services

The Payment Services Bureau is responsible for paying approximately 500,000 invoices annually on behalf of the County. Examples of payments issued by Payment Services include:

  1. Contract and vendor payments.
  2. Payments for judgments and damages.
  3. Court-ordered payments to attorneys.
  4. Interpreter claims.
  5. Other claims against the County.

Payment Services performs a "pre-audit" to ensure only authorized payments are processed by the County.

Payee Data Form (W-9) 

ePayables Notice to Vendors and Suppliers


For all County telephone numbers listed below, TDD callers should call 1-800-735-2929 or 711 for California Relay Service.

I am a County vendor providing goods and/or services to County government, when will I receive payment for my invoices?
Generally invoices are processed within 30 days of the invoice date. The primary contact is the individual who placed the order on behalf of the County. That individual is in a position to monitor payment of specific invoices. If this approach has been unsuccessful, you can contact the Payment Services Bureau at (916) 874-7411. 

I am a vendor with the County of Sacramento. I have not been paid for the services that I provided to the County two months ago. What should I do?
You should contact the department you provided the services for to determine if they processed your invoices for payment. If the department informs you that a warrant was issued for your services, obtain the warrant number and call the Warrant Accounting Bureau at (916) 874-7856 so that the status of this payment can be further researched. 

As a County taxpayer I would like to know how the money is being spent. How can I obtain information regarding payments made by the County?
You can request specific payment information in writing from the Auditor-Controller at 700 H Street, Room 3650, Sacramento, CA 95814. Generally, payments made by the Payment Services Bureau are public information; however, as payment information can contain certain information that may be considered confidential pursuant to Privacy Legislation, your request will be reviewed in this regard. If information is requested in a format not available in the Payment Services Bureau's normal course of business, a fee may be required in advance to provide the information. Please include your name, address, and phone number on your request as contact information for the Auditor-Controller's Office.