System Control and Reconciliation

The System Control and Reconciliation Unit maintains the Comprehensive Online Management Personnel and Accounting System for Sacramento County (COMPASS), which is the countywide financial system; provides support and oversight for financial transactions processed, including financial batch processes; monitors, maintains, and develops system and internal controls for COMPASS financial processes; ensures the accurate integration of data between financial accounting modules within COMPASS; provides support in development of applications and processes for use within the financial system; and provides support and oversight for all accounting activities related to county issued warrants.


For all County telephone numbers listed below, TDD callers should call 1-800-735-2929 or 711 for California Relay Service.

Mail the old warrant along with your correct mailing address to: 

County of Sacramento
Department of Finance
Attention: Warrant Accounting
700 H Street, Room 3650
Sacramento, CA 95814

A new warrant will be reissued to you within five business days of receipt of the old warrant. If the warrant is over 2-1/2 years old, the payee will need to contact the department that originally issued the warrant.

First fill out the Lost Warrant Affidavit form. Instructions on how to fill it out are at the bottom of the form. A new warrant will be reissued to you within 5 business days of receipt of the Lost Warrant Affidavit. Visit Uncashed Warrants for more information​.

If you determine that the endorsed signature on the back of the warrant is not yours then file a Forged Warrant Affidavit form with the County of Sacramento. Please fill out the forged warrant affidavit form, get it notarized and mail the original to County of Sacramento, 700 H Street, Room 3650, Sacramento, CA 95814. The affidavit will be submitted to the bank for processing. It may take the bank eight weeks or more to recover the funds. Once the funds are recovered, the County will reissue another warrant.​

The County of Sacramento issues various types of warrants. The type of warrant can be determined by the warrant's two-digit prefix. For instance, a warrant beginning with "01" would be a welfare warrant issued by the Department of Human Assistance. The following table shows the appropriate contacts for each type of warrant:​   


Type of Warrant




Department of Human Assistance
(916) 874-2671


Child Support

Department of Child Support Services
(866) 901-3212


Accounts Payable, Jury Duty,
Employee Mileage, Property Tax Refund, etc.

The primary contact is the department that requested that the warrant be issued. Please check the upper portion of the warrant stub (see exam​​ple here) for a department contact phone number. If there is no contact phone number listed, please contact:

Department of Finance
Payment Services Bureau
(916) 874-7411


Payroll, Pension, etc.

Department of Finance
Payroll Bureau
(916) 874-7451

You must wait 10 business days from the date the warrant was issued. If you still have not received it after 10 days, then complete a Lost Warrant Affidavit. Mail the original affidavit form to:

County of Sacramento
Department of Finance
Attention: Warrant Accounting
700 H Street, Room 3650
Sacramento, CA 95814

It takes about five business days for the warrant to be reissued after the lost warrant affidavit is received.

You should contact the department where your services were provided to determine if they processed your invoices for payment. If the department informs you that a warrant was issued for your services, then obtain the warrant number and call the Warrant Accounting Bureau at (916) 874-7856 so that the status of this payment can be further researched.