Community Reinvestment Act Program for Banks

General Information

To encourage banks to be active in supporting its community, the County of Sacramento Board of Supervisors adopted the Community Reinvestment Act Program in May of 1992. The Board instructed the Director of Finance to design and implement a community reinvestment program to acknowledge and reward locally active banks that support the community's credit needs. Qualified banks would be able to do this through a plan called "Linked Deposit." The Linked Deposit plan rewards participating banks for their involvement in enhancing the financial needs of the community by providing charitable donations and services throughout the County and providing banking services and credit needs to the low- and moderate-income communities​ within the County*. More information on the Community Reinvestment Act Program can be found in the investment policy.

*Note: In low- and moderate-income census tracts, at least 70% of the households have incomes which are 80% or less than the area's median family income.

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