About Finance

Under the direction of the Director, Finance provides a myriad of financial and administrative services within Sacramento County government. The Director of Finance reports directly to the Internal Services, Chief Deputy County Executive. 

Departmental duties include the following:

  • Provide core-level support services to general taxpayers, County departments and other government agencies.
  • Maintains the comprehensive Online Management Personnel and Accounting Systems for Sacramento County (COMPASS) that is the countywide financial system, automated general ledger.
  • Prepares the Annual Financial Report.
  • Prepares the countywide indirect cost allocation plan and departmental cost rate proposals.
  • Process vendor payments for all County departments and special districts.
  • Issues fictitious business name statements.
  • Issues business licenses and monitors businesses operating in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County.
  • Manages the Pooled Investment Fund in compliance with the California Government Code, the Pooled Investment Policy and Investment Guidelines.
  • Maintains the Pooled Investment Fund credit ratings and achieves a competitive yield for the Pooled Investment Fund.
  • Billing, collection and apportionment of real and personal property taxes.
  • Consolidated Utility Billing and services for waste and recycling, drainage, sewer, and water services. 

The Sacramento County Charter established the offices of Tax Collector, Auditor-Controller, and Treasurer. In November 1996, Sacramento County voters approved ballot Measure C that amended the County Charter to consolidate the elected position of Auditor-Controller with the appointed position of Treasurer. This Charter change established a Director of Finance in 1997 with responsibility for these two county functions.  To improve efficiencies, in 2012, Consolidated Utility Billing and Services joined the Department of Finance.