Sacramento County Online Business License Application and Renewal

Massage Requirements for Providers and Establishments. If you are applying for a massage license, read the licensing requirements for details.​

Visit Online Business License  for more information and register as a user. The type of business license you need depends on what you will be doing and where you will be doing it.  The application is for three types of Sacramento County Business License:

  • General Business License​​
  • Special Business License
  • Tobacco Retailer License

You may require more than one license.  The answers to the application questions will determine which licenses will be required.

Determine whether you need a Sacramento County Business ​License. You must be prepared with the actual physical location of your primary place of business -- Post Office Boxes and PMBs are not allowed as business locations.  Mobile or Internet-based businesses are considered based from your home. If you can't determine if the business location is in our jurisdiction, please contact our office.

To learn more about each type of license, refer to the Tax Collection and Licensing Division Business License page.

Once registered, you can apply for or renew licenses and pay through a secure link with our online payment provider.  Please note there is a convenience fee charged for online payments. You will also be able to track your application through the review and approval process, and receive periodic email updates on major status changes to your application. 

If you do not wish to apply online there are several other ways to apply for a Sacramento County Business License.  You can apply in person at our public counter at 700 H Street, Room 1710, Sacramento CA 95814, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., phone the Business License Unit 24-hour automated phone system at (916) 874-6644 and request an application by mail, or by visiting our printable forms page.

The Business License Unit encourages you to contact Planning and Environmental Review via email at  to determine if the business activities at the proposed business site are allowed in that zone before submitting an application and paying the fee.