Information for Brokers/Dealers and Direct Issuers

Criteria and qualifications of brokers/dealers and direct issuers.

All transactions initiated on behalf of the Pooled Investment Fund and the County of Sacramento shall be executed through either government securities dealers designated as primary dealers by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and their affiliates that maintain a local institutional government securities sales presence in the County or direct issuers of securities that are authorized for purchase by the County. All broker/dealers and direct issuers must have an investment grade rating from at least two Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations.

Broker/dealers and direct issuers that have made a political contribution in an amount exceeding the limitations contained in Rule G-37 of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board to the Director of Finance or any member of or candidate for the Board of ​Supervisors of the County of Sacramento in the last four years are prohibited from the Approved List. The maximum contribution limit is currently $250.

Annually, each broker/dealer and direct issuer will receive a copy of the Annual Investment Policy of the Pooled Investment Fund and a list of individuals authorized to execute investment transactions on behalf of the County. Each firm must acknowledge receipt of the materials to remain on the Approved List.

Each broker/dealer and direct issuer authorized to do business with the County of Sacramento shall deliver its annual audited financial statements to the Director of Finance. The County’s Annual Financial Report is available on the Auditor-Controller Division's reports page.

Apply to become a broker/dealer or direct issuer.

Firms interested in providing brokerage services to the Department of Finance can request an information packet by contacting:

Bernard Santo Domingo
(916) 874-7320